Ford focus ecu reset

The ECU, or engine control unit, is the computer that runs the engine in a Ford car or truck. By modifying the software that runs on the ECU you can increase the power and torque figures of your Ford. Modifying the ECU is called flashing and can be done through a number of methods, from simply plugging in a software module to the diagnostic port all the way to physically soldering a chip onto the motherboard of the ECU itself.

Determine the year, model and powertrain in your Ford as well as any other modifications previously made to your car or truck. This is important because not all engines can be flashed, generally it becomes prohibitively difficult for pre Fords. Generally flash software will only work within a specific family of engines so you need to buy the right brand and model of flasher. Car modifications may necessitate a trip to a dynometer to properly calibrate the flashing software.

Dynometers measure the power output of a car and require the assistance of an expert to use this data with a ECU flasher. Determine which flasher system you need for your Ford. Each has its advantages and drawback, though not all options are available for all engines and you will need to research your specific powertrain.

The software flash is the easiest to install, in most cases, with the software loaded onto the pre-existing electronics.

A newer option of a plug-in flasher is available, whereby the flashed chip is plugged in between the wires going from the ECU to the engine. This is the easiest to install, though not many cars are currently supported. Install the software flasher by plugging in the flasher module to the diagnostic port on your Ford. On most Fords the port will be located under the driver side dash.

Some require the car to be off, some require it to be on. Once it is plugged in, follow the instructions included in the kit. These usually require entering codes for your chosen level of performance because the flasher is capable of variable levels of horsepower and torque boosting.

This method is reversible, in most circumstances, though some flashes can only be reset by special machines at dealerships. Install the plug-in chip by opening the ECU box after turning off your Ford.

The kit will tell you where to plug in the chip — usually the diagnostic port. To install the solder chip, you typically must remove another chip or attach the chip at a junction. Exercise caution and, if you have any doubts, seek expert assistance. You can damage your Ford if you connect the wrong wires with solder.

This method is irreversible. Install the plug-in inline flasher — which resides on a chip in a special wire.By starfieldApril 28, in Ford Focus Club.

ford focus ecu reset

I know the procedure disconnect the battery for 10 to 15 min. Here are my questions:.

FORD - Clear/Reset PCM Memory

From my understanding I suggest second opinions the updates are applied as "firmware" which are hard written into the ECU. As for other issues, there arent any. I used to do this regularly on my Focus description below and never had any problems but always saw an improvement in MPG.

After I have reconnected the battery terminals after around 20 min I noticed the following:. Everything on the car computer was lost except for the trip mileage the one that can be reset. It is because you are resetting its "short term memory" - that includes the resettable odometer, average MPG, and range estimations etc. The radio does always ask for the code after a reset, this is incase some theiving wretch takes your radio away - they have to disconnect it from the battery so it prompts for the code.

The actual features of the trip computer will not have been lost I hope anyway?? If I am to fill up with regular unleaded will it cause any problems? Yes and No, Yes the engine will adjust to what it is using - higher grade fuels will require less injection, and will still give optimum performance. You buy a high price bottle of wine with a high alcohol content. You may only need to drink one bottle and you can be as drunk as if you bought the corner shops budget 0.

Only difference is, you would have had to drink a lot more cider than you did the wine. So you tell is imposible that an ECU looses its program ever? Than why we have to make upgrade to FORD dealer? LOL are they making the thief? They just want money?

What you think? Also it could be overwritten by an OBD connection with a wrong piece of software, or it could theoretically be formatted, but you would need to be seriously messing about with it. If he hasnt touched it though, it sounds like a fast buck to me. Anyway, once you reset the ECU, you just need to drive it as you want to for the rest of its life, do this for three or four tanks.

Drive like a granny and you will get more MPG, drive like an F1 driver, and you will get a bit more response from it.By sonicSeptember 29, in Ford Focus Club. I have decided to give this a go as I want to see for myself if it makes any differences.

So I decided to try a reset first just to see. I Read that James Jeebowhite has reset his mondeo and I think his cmax and he noticed an improvement in the mpg and I have also read that some people suggest a reset after each service or change of a senor, air intake as in a sense this changes the environment of the engine example new or updated air filter will allow more or clean air through so ecu can adjust or alter other things to suit this change in the engines environment ect.

Now to be clear I'm not saying this works or does not work I'm just restating what I have read and heard from others hence the reason I would like to try this out for myself. Mines a little low on where id like its MPG to be, probably because I thrash it every now and then to "make sure its ok" :. Be interesting to see if you could actually map this out using forscan on a laptop and a EML, getting two idle data sets would be easy, getting two driven tests might be a bit harder.

Might help with spotting differences rather then "feeling" them though. Just disconnecting the battery doesn't reset all the data the ECU holds.

Apparently doing that for a few minutes drains any capacitors in the loop, causing everything to reset, which doesn't necessarily happen just disconnecting the battery. Stuff like pedal position sensors and automatic gearbox shift points all get reset using this method.

Another way may be to disconnect the battery while the ignition is still on - that way the ecu drains any capacitors itself before it fully powers down. On the ST there is a specific fuse you can pull, leave out for 30mins or so then replace which supposedly resets the ECU. However in the past when I reloaded a bluefin map onto one of my cars, the first time I put my foot down it blew the clutch away.

No long lasting damage done but it did stink for a bit. Also know someone who monitored a ton of running data after resetting ECU ST again and the car wasn't fuelling very well etc for quite a while till it settled down. May have felt sharper to drive but not actually the case. DONT ever do it. The battery is the largest smoothing capacitor on the car. Still not a good idea, you don't pull the plug on your computer while its running, you shut it down first, Any damage will not be warranty covered as the user manual explicitly says never to do that.

Reset ECU verses reset KAM

These cars are not like the old ones, where ignition on just was a 12v feed, nowadays the fuel pump runs to prime the rail, lots of solenoids are activated, cpu's powered up and running code in the background, Physical systems like EGR, wastegate, shutters etc are cycled and tested for operation etc Plenty of things going on that a dead kill in the middle may not be recoverable. Also with the puters on board now, even resetting the ECU is not like the old cars where it forced a relearn cycle on the idle timing and fueling over the next few run cycles.

Yes it will drop some tables to be relearnt but many of the new tables average over large numbers of run cycles say 20 so optimum run condition may not bee seen again for some time. That's why I cringe every time I see someone say unplug it to reset the puter. Its just not that simple anymore. Ok little update here. I did this yesterday and drove journeys ranging from 5mile to 35 mile a journey being from car start to car stop lol!

I did notice a slight difference on each journey kind of like the car adjusting or something but on each journey I tried do the same thing in regards to my driving. I changed gear around rpm and used the throttle as I would under normal driving. Now this morning I have noticed that the car does feels a little more smoother and pulls more smooth on inclines but I don't know if I can truthfully say it has made a major difference but I would go as far as saying it has made some maybe although I do believe that I need to do some more journeys to see how it maps out.

I think that through a few more journeys of my normal driving the car may settle from the reset and I may or may not noticed anything but I guess time will tell. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Resetting your ECU. Posts: Todd: Nurse, suction. Nurse: The patient's not even here yet.

How to Reset the Ford PCM

Todd: I know. Rotten Old Revhead!!! Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 10 guests. Soon on road with pics! Yes you can just wait for it to do it by itself, or you can reset it in about 15mins. Info complements of my mechanic,ex ford technician. If you change the exhaust system or some part of the intake system on most ECU cars Display posts from previous: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year.

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Post subject: Resetting your ECU. Posted: Thu May 04, am. Getting Side Ways. Stock as a Rock. Posted: Thu May 04, pm. Tyre Shredder.

ford focus ecu reset

No advantage at all as it will re-learn in about a week and you will be back to square one. Basically what you are doing is resetting the KAM keep alive memory. RuchEa wrote: Yes you can just wait for it to do it by itself, or you can reset it in about 15mins. Posted: Fri May 05, am.The power train control module on a Ford controls every aspect of the vehicle's engine, transmission, clutch and electrical and fuel delivery.

Without a properly working PCM, the Ford will not run. At times, you may want to perform a reset of the Ford PCM for basic troubleshooting.

This can often resolve small issues that you may experience with the Ford. Open the hood of the Ford. Loosen the lock nut located on the negative battery cable connector with a socket and ratchet. Pull the connector off the negative battery terminal. Wait for 20 minutes while the PCM bleeds off the electricity it stores for backup power. Once the power drains from the PCM, it resets. Slide the negative battery connector onto the battery terminal and tighten the lock nut with the socket and ratchet.

This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Step 1 Open the hood of the Ford.

Step 2 Wait for 20 minutes while the PCM bleeds off the electricity it stores for backup power.

ford focus ecu reset

Haynes; About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Jun 20, Reset ecu states reset learning and clear diagnostic codes.

Reset KAM is keep alive memory reset. What's the diff? I want to reset ecu learning after install a fresh map. Thought that KAM was the only option. Which is best? Joined Feb 12, Which is best to do after you add a tune to your car?

Joined May 29, Sounds like an ECU resest is pretty pointless then. KAM reset is what makes the difference. Joined May 25, The ECU "learns" about your engine as you drive the car. The "learning" is actually a process that the ECU uses to track the tolerance changes of the sensors and actuators on the engine. The ECU stores these "learned" values in battery backed-up RAM so that it doesn't have to start from scratch the next time you turn your engine over.

I have searched the web for information on KAM resetting or unplugging the battery and most everything I can find says its a myth to expect much from it except for clearing codes. Cobb, what is your input? Check out this post I can tell you first hand, it does make a difference.

ford focus ecu reset

EnchinsuOcha said:. Joined May 20, I really dont drive hard and normally shift around rpm. I did mine this morning and then gave the car eight to ten minutes to warm up.

Cycled my air and heat then drove to work. Joined Apr 29, Joined Jul 2, I can confirm, KAM reset makes a huge difference it did for me, anyway. I did it today for the first time after moving up to stage 3 build, and it's like a different car.

I'm soooo glad I figured this out.

How to Program the ECU in a Ford

Joined Aug 21, Wouldn't pulling the battery reset both the KAM and ecu at the same time? Joined Aug 26, I have googled this to no end and still not sure what to do as i dont want to take the battery terminals off im at work and dont have the tools it would be so much easier to remove the fuse at lunch and leave it for a few hours.

You would only need to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes or so. Yer its the process after the reving that I didn't want to do outside my house as all the kids ply out there and is rather not fill there lungs with diesel lol. You dont need to rev it do you? I always thought it was pull the battery off for ten minutes or so, let the power drain all the way out of all the components, plug it in, and off you go!

You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted March 10, Hi, Its a MK3 Euro4 mondeo 2.

If anyone knows an exact answer please let me know : Thanks Dave. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 12, Anyway car is still idling! Posted March 13, Presuming you were hoping that the resetting of the ECU would have resolved the idling?

When you say its idling faecially

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