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Digi Telecommunications just revealed the all-new Digi Postpaid Family plansthat promise to offer equal data and calls for everyone on the plan! For the first time, the Digi Postpaid Family plans will offer the option for the supplementary lines to receive the same Internet Data Quota and Unlimited Calls as the principal line!

For example, a supplementary line user of the Digi Postpaid plan will receive the same 40 GB data quota and unlimited calls as the principal line. Essentially, it is the same as the principal line! Customers can add up to three supplementary lines at only RM 38 per line, monthly.

This allows everyone in the family to enjoy worry-free phone calls and mobile Internet connectivity! There are four new Digi Postpaid Family plans :. Any help you can render is greatly appreciated! Effective from 13 Mayyou may sign up for the new family lines at any Digi Store or Digi Store Express, nationwide! How many new Digi Postpaid Family lines can I sign-up? You may sign a maximum of three 3 Supplementary line s under the all new Digi Postpaid Family per Principal line.

Both yourself and your family lines will enjoy Unlimited calls and SMS to all domestic networks. You get to enjoy daily Unlimited voice calls to both on-net and off-net numbers i. The Unlimited calls are applicable for domestic usage only i. How does the All Day quota and Weekend quota work? The All Day quota is valid for usage at any time of the day regardless of weekdays or weekends. Whereas, the Weekend quota is only valid for usage during the weekends, from every Saturday Both Internet quotas apply to all networks, both 4G and 3G networks.

Can I control my Internet allocation to my free family lines? Principal line may opt to subscribe to Data Sharing at RM10 monthly. Principal line is only able to control the Internet quota allocation and deallocation of its own quota to all the Supplementary line showever Internet quota for each of the Supplementary line may not be shared and controlled by Principal.

Does the new Digi Postpaid Family line s get to rollover any unutilized Internet quota? No, any unutilized Internet quota for the supplementary line s will be forfeited at the end of each bill cycle. What happens if I exceed my monthly Mobile Internet Quota? Will I be charged for extra usage?

No, you will not be charged extra when you or your family line s exceed the monthly Mobile Internet Quota.

digi plan

Your data service will be restricted until the next billing cycle.This limit may be reduced for Digi Foundations customers purchasing at small quantities. Additional hours can be purchased. Whether you are a Digi customer, channel partner, distributor, or solution partner, Digi Technical Services is at the ready to offer an exceptionally broad range of support services to help you resolve issues, create innovative products, and get to market faster with higher-quality solutions.

Digi will provide Base support for the duration of the hardware warranty period. Expert support and extended warranties can be purchased separately.

Software maintenance will be offered after the software warranty period for the duration of the hardware warranty and up to the End of Software Release Date. This includes commercially reasonable efforts to address deficiencies and update security features. We expect this to be 6 months to 1 year past the Last Time Ship date. Customers that choose not to subscribe to DRM or do not use DRM for software and firmware updates are responsible for manually updating their Digi products.

On occasion, a Digi product may require a firmware or software upgrade to address a security update, address deficiencies or provide new functionality to address a customer need. A solid upgrade strategy is essential to ensure the maximum life and benefit of your Digi product.

Industrial Precision Agriculture Manufacturing Automation. Solutions typically encompasses end point devices, end products, Digi devices, applications, and potentially Digi Remote Manager. Download the Support Services Datasheet Whether you are a Digi customer, channel partner, distributor, or solution partner, Digi Technical Services is at the ready to offer an exceptionally broad range of support services to help you resolve issues, create innovative products, and get to market faster with higher-quality solutions.

Digi Support Policy Digi will provide Base support for the duration of the hardware warranty period.The Gantt chart is fully interactive; all items can be changed directly in the chart. Click to view full PDF Brochure. Milestones with 0 duration. Resources for tasks, possible filtering rows by resources. Resource usage and availability charts. Resource types like work or material.

Discrete bars for real flow — actual completion of the task, usable along the task bars. Flags — any custom icons shown on exact date with defined tooltip. Dependencies between tasks as descendants successors or ancestor predecessors or both mirrored. Dependency types end-start fsend-end ffstart-start ssstart-end sf. Dependency lags in any time units like hours, days or elapsed days. Checking circular dependencies. Automatic correcting dependencies after task move or resize or dependency change, moving the dependent tasks.

Possible correcting dependencies only on demand, showing the incorrect dependencies in red. Automatic checking all entered inputs and changes in chart if they are correct. Excluded holidays — any defined dates, date ranges or repeated dates.

The holidays are excluded from Gantt calculations and can be also hidden from the chart. Project baseline date constraint, tasks cannot be moved before or the first tasks are forced to start on. Critical path management — critical tasks with specified slack can be highlighted or filtered. Task date constraints for early start date, early finish date, late start date, late finish date. All the date constraints are shown in Gantt chart as icons and be added, deleted and moved directly in the chart.

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Highlighted custom dates or date ranges in background or foreground. Fully customizable Gantt headers, defining any date formats in one or more header lines. The Gantt chart is fully interactive, all items can be changed directly in the chart by mouse. The Gantt behavior is fully customizable by defining key and mouse action schema. Gantt popup menu customizable with all available features accessible from the menu on right click.

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Smooth zoom to date range selected by mouse dragging in header or by click to exact date in header. Custom zoom levels with different dates and formats in header, size constraints and backgrounds. Custom CSS styles, every cell can display completely different bars shapes and colors.Digi is excited to bring together the power and flexibility of the Digi XBee ecosystem with the latest 4G cellular technology, with the new Digi XBee Cellular embedded modem. This solution enables OEMs to quickly integrate cutting edge 4G cellular technology into their devices and applications without dealing with the painful, time-consuming, expensive FCC and carrier end-device certifications.

A bundled data plan will be included with every development kit with 6 months of free data, with the Digi XBee fully pre-provisioned and ready to communicate over the cellular network right out of the box. When OEMs add the Digi XBee Cellular modem to their design, they create a future-proof design with flexibility to switch between wireless protocols or frequencies as needed, ideal for any business with an agile roadmap.

Digi Data Plans are now available! The service includes data plan options that are ideal for industrial IoT applications, bundled together with free Digi Remote Management service for customers who wish to remotely monitor and manage their devices, along with the capability to do over the air OTA remote firmware upgrades. Digi XBee Tools support the complete IoT application lifecycle, from the evaluation, testing and prototyping phase through manufacturing and deployment to long-term network management.

See how Digi XBee Tools simplify tasks and help get to market faster. TrustFence provides a tested and fully integrated security framework designed for the industrial IOT. Digi offers cellular service which is bundled with free Digi Remote Management to remotely monitor and manage devices, along with the capability to do over the air OTA remote firmware upgrades.

The primary antenna is used for transmitting and receiving, while the secondary antenna is only used for receiving. It is recommended to use both antennas for optimal performance, but it is possible to use only the primary antenna. Note this could reduce performance and signal strength of the device, which will vary depending on the environment and range to the nearest cellular tower. The modem has been certified for both single and dual antenna configurations. More information on antenna specification requirements can be found in the User Guide.

The kit is for testing purposes only, not for production. If only over by a little MBnothing. If over by 10MB in a given month, customer will be contacted by Digi to determine if a larger plan is required. No purchase required, free base email support is available for customers evaluating product with a development kit.

Yes, but customers need to evaluate the power supply of their designs to verify that they can support peak transmit currents up to 1A, which is required for all LTE CAT 1 cellular radios. Transparent Mode acts as a serial line replacement. In Bypass mode, the device acts as a serial line replacement directly to the cellular component. A cellular breakout board like NimbeLink will include the cellular module, and may add end-device certification, a SIM slot, and a simple power supply and antenna connector.

digi plan

The Digi XBee Cellular hardware is fully integrated with an on-board cellular module, ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, power regulator, and security chip, all packed into the small This enables a number of useful features on Digi XBee Cellular that are not available on breakout boards like Nimbelink, including the Digi XBee software interface, critical security features, sleep modes, and on-board programmability to name a few. Industrial Precision Agriculture Manufacturing Automation.

Let Your Imagination Run Wireless. The Best Development Tools Digi delivers the most robust library of tools and reference designs. Learn More. Digi ConnectCore 6. Digi Remote Manager. Expand All. It takes about seconds to wake up and begin transmitting over the network. Digi XBee Ecosystem Watch. Mesh Networking Vs. Recently Viewed.We are directly into pure loan and project s financing in terms of investment.

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The 2019 Digi Postpaid Family Plans Revealed!

Business is tough affected by Covid19 but still Where can I sign up for the new Go Digi plan? Who can sign up for the new Go Digi plan? All submissions are subject to credit risk approval by Digi. I own a foreign company registered overseas. Can I subscribe to the new Go Digi plan?

Yes, you can. However, you may be required to pay an additional deposit of RM per line on top of the advance payment required. What happens when I exceed my monthly Mobile Internet Quota?

Will I be charged for extra usage? No, you will not be charged extra when you exceed your monthly Mobile Internet Quota. Your data service will be throttled until the next billing cycle. You can opt for our 10 days or monthly Internet Quota Add-On to continue surfing the Internet at regular speed, subject to the relevant terms and conditions. What is 4G Plus Internet?

This quota is only usable on 4G network on 4G devices. Upon depletion of 4G Plus Internet quota, internet quota from standard internet bucket will be utilized.

Unlimited Singapore IDD.

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Limited time promo only. Fair usage policy of minutes is applicable.

digi plan

Other terms and conditions apply. What happens when I fully utilized my Go Roam bundle? Am I still able to surf the internet and make roaming calls? You are able to make and receive roaming calls at pay per use rate.

However, you are only able to surf the internet by purchasing our additional roaming pass. Will I be charged extra? Yes, you can use the new Go Digi plan to access the Internet when you are roaming.

Charging block. Auto Billing. Unknown June 5, at PM. Unknown July 13, at PM. Duffy Hoover January 26, at AM.MyDigicel is all in one. Access your account from any device to manage your plans and pay bills. Your account is personalised to your needs. D'Music makes listening to Dancehall, Soca, Reggae and more simple. Share your favourites to share the rhythm. The hottest local artists are at your fingertips, with another 40 million tracks that are personalised for you.

Download Today. Best of all, Unlimited Social bundles come with rollover data and talk. Digicel customers are now able to receive timely, accurate text message updates on the coronavirus COVID situation as a result of a public education partnership between Digicel and the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

The updates include precautionary tips and links to online resources and emergency numbers during the period of heightened response. Digicel customers also enjoy free access to Government of Jamaica websites without using up their megabytes or having a data plan. Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr.

digi plan

Public Health cannot be successful without partnerships, and therefore are happy with the fact that entities like Digicel have come forward to offer support to the national response. With this in mind, the company has instituted a remote working policy for its employees in order to ensure smooth continuity of vital services, including keeping customers informed on the latest coronavirus updates. Chief Executive Officer for Digicel, Allison Philbert, said that building widespread awareness is very important to the national response.

These include: reducing the distribution of printed materials in order to limit transmission of the virus via these surfaces; increasing the supply of hand sanitisers; enforcing strict hygiene and prevention measures for employees; and, stepping up the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of its stores and offices. Learn More. Click Here. My Digicel. Login Register. Top Up. Pay Bill. Find a Store. My Digicel MyDigicel is all in one. Download Today see details. Zero-rated Education Sites View More.

View More. View all.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. MyDigi Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Add to Wishlist. The all-new MyDigi app is a smarter way to manage your Digi mobile account for both postpaid plan and prepaid plan, and that's just the beginning.

It has everything that you loved about the old MyDigi app and more, with a brand new look. You can now monitor and check for all your numbers easily in the MyDigi app. It comes with an attractive chart so that you can monitor your data usage, check your Internet balance and know how many days left in your Internet plan at a single glance. To check the Internet usage for your other mobile numbers, just click on the side menu, choose your mobile number, and all the Usage information will be refreshed.

Managing all your Digi phone numbers has never been so easy! Want to enjoy the latest movies, listen to your favourite music and keep up with social media updates in your social apps with the fastest 4G Internet network in Malaysia?

Buy Internet addon or top up your Digi plan with the MyDigi app. Choose the Internet plan that suits you best from our Box of Surprises or Addons page. Pre-book a roaming Internet plan with us before you travel, and have a worry-free holiday! Keep track of your mobile bill statements by downloading the past and current mobile bills in MyDigi.

Save your credit card with us today, and make payments with one click. No need to key-in another PIN, and no more waiting for lengthy payment pages. Now, you can save time and be rewarded in a single app! Love rewards? Search, browse and redeem the rewards in your MyDigi app.

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